Eatmepoptart X Hopheads: The Kids Are Alright

Eatmepoptart X Hopheads: The Kids Are Alright

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Eatmepoptart X Hopheads present:
The Kids Are Alright
Sat 28 July 2018
with weelikeme & KiDG

All Pop Everything - Eatmepoptart's Magic Pop Bus once again stops over at Hopheads to bring you some dancefloor sweeteners on a night filled with pure purposeful pleasurable popsicles.

Taking you on a wild and bumpy ride through the decades of music and idols we fell in and out of love with, the cheeky duo weelikeme & KiDG will once again take you on the scenic musical route of 80s, 90s, 00s, to a present-day assortment of candies, embarrassments and guilty pleasures.

Relive your lost youth, get lost in the candy store, revisit your bad decisions, garb up like your pop icons, or simply have a drink and watch other humans go by. It's your choice, but fo sho, it will be one hell of a pop-music ride!

Advance tickets: $16 (includes 1 housepour or beer)
At the door: $20 (includes 1 housepour or beer)

18+ Only

Hopheads is located at:
178 Clemenceau Ave, Haw Par Glass Tower B1-00
S (239926)